The Year in Review: 2017

This was a banner year for The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota thanks our editors, contributors, and readers.

We are really happy to report that we say over 2000 downloads of books from The Digital Press and we managed to sell almost one book a day for the entire year. This is up from last year just a bit and I think shows growing interest in quality, open-access digitally distributed book and the power of print-on-demand to extend our reach.

Partly, we can see how the front of the catalogue sells the back of the catalogue (as our friends down at NDSU Press say!). This year saw the publication of four new books from The Press. 

Two in our North Dakotiana Series:

Micah Bloom’s Codex. Download or purchase the book here. And check out our book launch event here.

David Haeselin ed., Haunted By Waters: The Future of Memory and the Red River Flood of 1997. Download or purchase the book here.

And one in our Archaeology Series:

G.D.R. Sanders, Sarah A. James, and Alicia Carter Johnson, Corinth Excavations Archaeological Manual. Download or purchase the book here.

And, one in our series that, for now, I’m calling Eric Burin’s America:

Eric Burin ed., Picking the President: Understanding the Electoral CollegeDownload or purchase the book here.

We also entered into collaborations with our friends at two journalsNorth Dakota Quarterly and Epoiesen: a Journal for Creative Engagement in History and Archaeology.

There are a bunch more books in pipeline including a re-issue of one of the first books that I published, Chris Price’s The Old Church on Walnut Street, more from the Bakken Bookshelf project, a collaboration with Ad Astra Comix on The Beast, a collaboration with North Dakota Quarterly to publish a print-on-demand version of Snichimal Vayuchil, a book of translated Tsotsil Maya poems, another installment of Eric Burin’s America, and some other secret projects brewing just over the horizon.

Thank you to all our readers, downloaders, print-on-demand-buyers, re-Tweeters, Facebooklers, editors, commenters, friends and competition for making the 2017 at the Digital Press, a year to remember!  

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