Editorial Team


William Caraher
Director and Publisher, University of North Dakota

Kyle Conway
Co-Founder, University of Ottawa

Rebecca Seifried
Director of Editorial and Content Strategy, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Editorial Board

Kyle Cassidy, Photographer
David Haeselin, Independent Scholar
Kostis Kourelis, Franklin and Marshall College
Sarah Lepinski, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Dimitri Nakassis, University of Colorado-Boulder
Andrew Reinhard, American Numismatic Society
Richard Rothaus, Central Michigan University

Director of Marketing

Susan Caraher


  1. Do you have print copies of Bakken Goes Boom and The War With The Sioux, that we can sell in the museum store at the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum?

    Thank you

  2. Good morning
    I am interested in using some content on one of your books, which has a license of CC 4.0 BY. While I know this CC allows me to do so, I will like to make a more formal request to the publisher (authors are friends of mine and I have contacted them already). Is there an specific email I could use to do so?
    Thank you very much for your time

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