Pre-Order The Beast Today!!

This is turning into a pretty exciting month for The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. Last week, we released Micah Bloom’s Codex and today, we’re excited to announce our support for the pre-order campaign for The Beast produced by Ad Astra Comix and Dr. Patrick McCurdy, from the University of Ottawa. The Beast is a brilliantly illustrated and engaging story of two precariously employed millennials living in the heart of Canada’s oil country. 

Go and pre-order a copy today and watch this space for some exciting future developments! 

TheBeast Cover

This project continues The Digital Press’s commitment to the sustained study of petroculture in North America and we’re proud to place The Beast on the “Bakken bookshelf” alongside The Bakken Goes Boom! Oil and the Changing Geographies of Western North Dakota (2016), the most recent book from our friends at NDSU Press, The Bakken: An Archaeology of an Industrial Landscape, and two new books in development from The Digital Press, a updated and expanded reprint of the 1958 Williston Report and, Voices of the Bakken, an expansive and immersive collection of interviews with residents of the Bakken oil patch in the 21st century boom.   

Go support this remarkable project, and, then, stay tuned for more about The Beast and a unique collaboration between Ad Astra Comix and The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota!

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