The War with the Sioux: An Open Access Teaser

The day is almost here for the publication of the first English translation of Karl Jakob Skarstein’s The War with the Sioux: Norwegians against Indians 1862-1863. The book was originally published in Norwegian and draws extensively on a group of untapped, 19th-century sources written by Norwegian immigrants to the Northern Plains. These sources offer new perspectives on the Dakota Wars which have attracted renewed attention since the recent, 150th anniversary commemorations. 

Melissa Gjellstad and Danielle Skjelver have preserved Skarstein’s lively narrative and along with Richard Rothaus and Dakota Goodhouse have added a series of new historical essay to introduce the work. In advance of the formal publication of the book, we are making these essays available as an open access download.

Click here to get the essays and check back soon for a link to the free download and the paper copy.

WwSCover2FINALCover08272015 FrontWwSCover2FINALCover08272015 Back

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