The Beast: Making a Living on a Dying Planet (Expanded, Digital Edition)

Download | Original Comic available from Ad Astra Comix (in Canada) and AK Press (in the U.S.)

Set in Alberta, The Beast sinks its fangs into one of the toughest questions of our time: Would you rather starve next week when the economy crashes, or in 50 years when the ecosystem collapses? Environmentalists and energy companies engulf each other in a firestorm of dramatic imagery and emotionally manipulative rhetoric in this tale of existential uncertainty. Join art school graduates Callum and Mary as they drift through bars, strip clubs and vegan wing joints not so much struggling to answer life’s difficult questions as doing their best to avoid having to ask those questions in the first place.

The Expanded Digital Edition includes the original published comic as well as four new critical essays by Patrick McCurdy, Kyle Conway, Tommy Wall and Chris Russill, and Benjamin Woo along with an interview with Hugh Goldring and Patrick McCurdy.

For more on The Beast, go here.

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