The Beast: Making a Living on a Dying Planet (Expanded Digital Edition)

The Beast: Making a Living on a Dying Plant. Expanded Digital Edition
Written by Nicole Burton and Hugh Goldring
Edited by Patrick McCurdy

Original Comic available from Ad Astra Comix | Expanded Digital Version (Coming Soon!)


The Digital Press is very pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of an expanded, digital version of Ad Astra Comix’s The Beast. Written by Nicole Burton and Hugh Goldring and edited by Patrick McCurdy, The Beast offers a brilliantly nuanced tale of Canadian petroculture and the challenges associated with “making a living on a dying planet.”

The Expanded Digital Edition includes the original published comic as well as four new critical essays by Patrick McCurdy, Kyle Conway, Tommy Wall and Chris Russill, and Benjamin Woo along with an interview with Hugh Goldring and Patrick McCurdy.