The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota publishes high-quality, innovative works in Mediterranean and world archaeology.

Corinth Excavations Archaeological Manual

By G.D.R. Sanders, Sarah A. James, and Alicia Carter Johnson

The Corinth Excavations Archaeological Manual is the first major field manual published from an American excavation in Greece and among a very small number of manuals published from the Eastern Mediterranean in the last generation. The appearance of this book is timely, however, as there is a growing interest in field methods and the history of excavation practices throughout the discipline of archaeology.

ISBN-10:0692878106 | ISBN-13:978-0692878101

Download or purchase the book here.

Mobilizing the Past: The Potential of Digital Archaeology

Edited by Erin Walcek Averett, Jody Michael Gordon, and Derek B. Counts

With additional contributions by Rebecca Bria, Bridget Buxton, William Caraher, J. Andrew Dufton, Steven J. R. Ellis, Samuel B. Fee, Shawn Fehrenbach, Eric C. Kansa, Morag M. Kersel, Marcelo Castro López, Christopher F. Motz, Brandon R. Olson, Eric E. Poehler, Adam Rabinowitz, Ted Roberts, Shawn Ross, Matthew Sayre, Adela Sobotkova, Matthew Spigelman, John Wallrodt, and Steven Wernke.

Mobilizing the Past is a collection of 20 articles that explore the use and impact of mobile digital technology in archaeological field practice.

ISBN-10: 0692790136 | ISBN-13: 978-0692790137

Download or purchase the book here.

Punk Archaeology

Edited by Kostis Kourelis, William R. Caraher, and Andrew Reinhard

Punk Archaeology is a irreverent and relevant movement in archaeology, and these papers provide a comprehensive anti-manifesto

ISBN: 978-0692281024

PDF (free) | Paperback

Visions of Substance

Edited by Brandon Olson and William Caraher

With the advent of low-cost and easy to use 3D imaging tools, the discipline of archaeology is on the cusp of a major change in how we document, study, and publish archaeological contexts. While there are a growing number of volumes dedicated to this subject, Visions of Substance: 3D Imaging in Mediterranean Archaeology represents an accessible and conversational introduction to the theory and practice of 3D imaging techniques in a Mediterranean and European context.

ISBN: 978-0692368398

PDF (Free) | Paperback


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