Snichimal Vayuchil

It is pretty exciting to announce the paper publication of the first volume of the new North Dakota Quarterly Supplement Series. This series is a collaboration with The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota designed to provide a bit more space for poetry, fiction, or other creative projects that embrace the same values as the Quarterly, but can also stand on their own. The books will be available as open access digital downloads and print-on-demand paperback.

Maya Cover Feature 01

The first in this series is Paul Worley’s edited and translated collection of Tsotsil Mayan poetry, Snichimal Vayuchil, which has a new introduction by Gloria E. Chacón. 

You can download or purchase the book from the NDQ site here or from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota site here

First readers of this book already have nice things to say about it.

Music, voice, ceremony: our responsability of being people according the Popol Wuj. Snichimal Vayuchil resonates hundreds of years back. In offering flowery words to the ancient altars, Nezahualcoyotl’s songs resurge in the 21st century Maya youth. Closing the circle of pain and loss, this anthology is a celebration of the Maya creativity, and human resilience. Maltiox to the authors, editor, and translator. The elders in Palenque and Yaxchilan must grateful with these flowery dreams.

Juan G. Sánchez Martinez

In a very special way this poetry collection is a collective poem: the book itself is already a poem comprised of many voices and three languages. Each writer presents her/his way of understanding the world to the world, having internalized the idea of writing as a way to dialogue with that world. Each poem is a verse that contributes to this collective work, the product of many hands, of many ways of thinking about the world. In this trilingual volume, writing becomes a weapon of multiple uses and its reach is amplified, demonstrating how there are different ways of writing and translating: innovating and embellishing how we read poetry.

Jorge Tapia
Universidad Autónoma de Queretaro

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