University of North Dakota and the Great War

The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota is very excited to announce the publication of The University of North Dakota and the Great War in collaboration with North Dakota Quarterly

This is the first volume in a series designed to repackage and reprint content from the North Dakota Quarterly archives. 

Here’s the press release:

On Veterans Day this year, it is natural that we reflect on the 100th anniversary of World War I. In recognition of this, North Dakota Quarterly and The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota have published a reprint of nine historically significant articles on the University of North Dakota and the state during World War I. This volume documents the range of attitudes toward the Great War on the UND campus as well as the contributions from across the university to the war effort. The centerpiece of the collection is Wesley Johnson’s recollection of his time in the trenches in France. This volume also features articles by renowned historian O.G. Libby, Sociologist George Davies (UND’s first Ph.D.), UND Law Professor Hugh Willis, and nursing alumna Hazel B. Nielson. This book brings these articles together for the first time and provides a engaging group of sources for the casual reader, historians, and students alike.

“The archives of NDQ have an incredible wealth of material like this that is just begging to be presented in a new context.” Digital Editor Bill Caraher says, “With the 100th anniversary of the Great War and the annual observation of Veterans Day, it made sense for us to release the inaugural volume of the reprint series as a tribute to Veterans.”

The first modern world war involved millions of soldiers drawn from across Europe, North America, and the world. With over 9 million casualties and saw the service of nearly 2 million Americans across various fronts in Europe. Many more Americans were active on the home front training soldiers, producing armaments, and offering economic and intellectual support.

The University of North Dakota and the Great War is available as a free digital download from the NDQ webpage and on the The Digital Presses webpage. The introductory material is free to distribute under an open access license and the essays from North Dakota Quarterly are part of the public domain.

UND and The Great War

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