Positive Press for the Gjellstad and Skjelver Translation of The War with the Sioux

Some nice media coverage for the Melissa Gjellstad’s and Danielle Skjelver’s recent transition of K. J. Skarstein’s the War with the Sioux from the Pierce County Tribune this week.

Also be sure to catch them next week on Prairie Public Radio’s Main Street!

Here’s the link

And here’s a snippet:

Danielle Skjelver, a UND alumna and history instructor, said she found the book in 2007 while perusing Norwegian books.

“At the time, my Norwegian was such that I had to do the heavy lifting of translation for any meaningful comprehension. So I figured if I’m going to translate it for myself, why not translate it for everyone?” Skjelver said.

Skjelver then approached Melissa Gjellstad, an associate professor of Norwegian, about collaborating on translating the book.

“Skarstein’s angle and approach to retelling this story were compelling to me as a reader, and I wanted others to be able to access Skarstein’s skillful portrayal of the events of 1862-63 and the Norwegian voices he brings to the fore,” Gjellstad said. “As our conversation evolved, we [Skjelver and Gjellstad] decided that we would do it together as a joint project. Our skill sets and background expertise in Scandinavian studies and American history were well matched, and the work was fun and enlightening.”


  1. Todd Jorgenson

    Is there a way to get the book, The War with the Sioux, put on my Kindle?

    1. Todd,

      Not yet!! But we’re working on it!


  2. Thanks! I got it fine. Looks great!

    I see you chose to use full page. Good choice!
    I like what you did with the small caps, Dove’s doesn’t do all caps well at all.

    I’ve only read the first article so far. That’s fascinating stuff! And I’ve only been through the Dakotas a couple times, never to the Dakotas. Beautiful country there.

    There isn’t a lot out there set in the new Doves (at least that declares it’s set in Doves in a way I could find it easily on Google).

    There’s an artist, Eliza Gauger, who is setting her book “Problem Glyphs” in Doves. She creates some disturbing images, I guess they’re supposed to be like hex symbols or hamsas or something for people.

    Jocelyn Almond set a couple of her recent books in Richard Beatty’s digitization (not Robert Green’s), but I couldn’t find much else other than yours.

    Maybe I’ll throw a couple sample pages on my wife’s website. I’ll have to “text to path” them before I throw them up because I didn’t purchase an embedding license for Dove’s.

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