The Library of Chester Fritz

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Brian R. Urlacher, The Library of Chester Fritz. 2022.

Time is short!

Fate has entangled a library, a businessman, and the future of humanity. A trail of documents left behind by an eccen- tric businessman, traveler, and philanthropist Chester Fritz is the only way to understand the urgent danger. This book brings together Chester Fritz’s journals and follows his travels through war torn China and his ascent to the heights of global capitalism.

As World War II plunges the world into chaos, Fritz and his traveling companions wrestle with what to do and what forces are too dangerous or too dark for humanity to wield. But something must be done, and the decision will fall to Chester Fritz.

Brian R. Urlacher is a professor of Political Science at the University of North Dakota and is an avid reader of cosmic horror and historical fiction He has helped coordinate university exchanges to China and spent considerable time in Shanghai. He lives in Grand Forks, ND and can be found haunting local coffee shops.

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