Micah Bloom’s Codex examines the fate of books in the aftermath of the 2011 Minot flood. It is an ambitious project that flows across a wide range of media (digital text, video, hardcover, and paperback), embraces archaeological sensibilities, and speaks simultaneously to universal and profoundly local experiences.

The book will be released as a numbered, limited large format version combining Micah Bloom’s photography with nine new essays inspired by Codex and distributed to local cultural institutions thanks to the generous support of the North Dakota Humanities Council. Additional support for this project came from the University of North Dakota, Minot State University, and the students of David Haeselin’s editing, writing, and publishing class.

It will also be released as a free digital download and as a low-cost trade paperback in the Fall of 2017.

For more on Codex, go here.
For a preview of Codex, go here.

codex final large book-3

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