Mindful Wandering: Nature and Global Travel through the Eyes of a Farmgirl Scientist

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Rebecca J. Romsdahl, Mindful Wandering: Nature and Global Travel through the Eyes of a Farmgirl Scientist. 2021.

Mindful Wandering is an inspiring blend of memoir, travelogue, and environmental manifesto. As a translational ecologist, Rebecca Romsdahl is trained to ask critical questions about how we can improve our human relationships with the natural world for a sustainable, resilient future. As a farmgirl, she learned how to observe nature and life through the changing seasons. In this collection of essays spanning two decades, Romsdahl weaves these ideas together as she travels our changing world. From a Minnesota farm to the mountains of Peru and the edge of the Sahara Desert, she explores strategies for sustainability and resilience, and advocates that we (especially those of us privileged enough to travel) must expand our mindful considerations to include all the other inhabitants of this beautiful Earth. Romsdahl practices, and preaches, mindful wandering to reduce her impacts on the natural environment, and to encourage us all to be better global citizens. She implores us, through the eyes of a farmgirl scientist, to ask soul-searching questions: How do we reconnect with the local, seasonal rhythms of life, while learning how to care about the whole Earth as our home?

Rebecca J. Romsdahl, PhD, is a translational ecologist, educator, writer, and professor in the Department of Earth System Science & Policy at the University of North Dakota. Her research and teaching examine links between social, ecological, and policy factors when scientists, stakeholders, and decision makers work together to solve environmental problems. 


 “A compelling and refreshingly authentic collection of essays. Mindful Wandering faithfully charts the author’s career as a global traveler and offers intimate insights into culture, geography, identity, and worldview.” 
Sheila Liming, Champlain College, Author of Office (2020).

This easy-reading sustainability travelogue is a gentle manifesto that will transport readers around the world. Romsdahl uses her Midwestern farmgirl scientist lens to understand landscapes and connect the local with the global.  

Amahia Mallea, Drake University, environmental historian and author of author of A River in the City of Fountains (2018)